+ Which pallet size shall I order?

When measuring your pallet, you must include the pallet base in your height measurement and any overhanging goods in the length and width.

We do 3 standard pallet sizes:

Quarter pallet: 120cm Length x 100cm Width x 80cm Height- Maximum weight 250 KGs

Half pallet: 120cm Length x 100cm Width x 120cm Height- Maximum weight 500 KGs

Full pallet: 120cm Length x 100cm Width x 200cm Height- Maximum weight 1200 KGs

Please note, any pallet weighing over 700 KGs must be loaded/unloaded by forklift (which we cannot provide) as this is too heavy for our tail lifts.

We can send over-sized pallets- please contact us directly for a price.


+ What access is needed and how do you load my pallet on your vehicle?

Most collections and deliveries are made on 18T vehicles, which are bigger than a refuse lorry. If you have narrow access then please make us aware of this when you place the order as failure to do so could result in a delay.

All pallets must be outside on a flat even surface (no gravel, grass or stairs) and easily accessible to the driver. The driver will have a pallet truck to move your pallet along the ground and a tail lift fitted to the vehicle to load it.

Any pallets exceeding 700kgs in weight or over 2m in length cannot be lifted by the tail lift. Therefore it is the responsibility of the customer to load/unload with a Forklift or Telehandler.

+ What Insurance options do you offer?

We can offer 3 different levels of cover with order, all of which are based on the weight of your items.

Our standard insurance which comes with your order, will cover you for £5 per KG. This means that for every KG your items weigh you are covered for £5. For example a 100kg item would be covered up to £500.

You can choose to increase the level of liability to either £10 per Kg for £6 per pallet or £25 per KG for £8 per pallet; which is recommended for high value products that don’t weight much.

Please note all insurance claims are limited to cost price of the items so you cannot claim for more than the value of the goods.

All items must be checked on arrival and any damages/shortages must be noted on the delivery note otherwise this may invalidate a claim.