+ Missed collections/deliveries?

When you place an order with us, this is for one collection and one delivery attempt.

If you are not available for the collection; and the goods are not left out for us, then we will charge for a second collection attempt £15 + VAT. (This is for mainland UK and an additional fee may apply for Ireland, The Islands and Scotland).

This is also applicable to deliveries, but if you wont be there and you are happy for the goods to be left with a neighbour or on a driveway then please make us aware on the order when you book.

+ Can I send engines and gearboxes?

Yes, we are happy to accept engines and gearboxes as long as they meet the following guidelines.

  1. All car parts (also applies to machinery and garden equipment) must be fully drained of fuel and liquids.
  2. There must be something absorbent such as rags or cardboard between the items and the pallet base.
  3. They must be secured to the pallet using either ratchet straps or banding. Rope or old seat belts cannot be accepted.
  4. We would recommend wrapping shrink wrap around the item, as this also gives you something to adhere an address label to.

+ Can you guarantee my delivery dates?

Within transport, there are so many different influencing factors that can affect your delivery times such as adverse weather conditions, customs clearance (anything entering/leaving the UK) and even road traffic accidents.

We will always endeavour to meet our delivery dates; and most of the time we do manage this, but unfortunately sometimes due to these outside influences we can’t. Therefore all our delivery dates are indicative and not 100% guaranteed but do feel free to contact us if you have an urgent shipment and we will do everything we can to help you.